Oahu Shipwreck Scuba Exploration

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Amazing day of exploration on shipwrecks and reefs in Oahu Hawaii.

Oahu shipwreck exploration
Oahu shipwreck exploration

today’s dive charter consisted of three shipwrecks and two reef locations

First dive was over at Sea Tiger shipwreck. With a depth of around 100′ underwater our dive time was about 20 minutes. Two white tip reef sharks, three Hawaiian green sea turtles, and a frog fish being the highlights.

Second dive was at the YO-257 & San Pedro dive site. Turtles, turtles and yes more turtles right off the start of the dive. Lots of small schools of fish and even a eagle ray. Venturing over to the San Pedro the Atlantis submarine flew over our head! An octopus, white tip reef sharks and more turtles.

For the reef dives we headed over to Horseshoe reef. Deciding to first go over to the end of Kewalo pipe reef we encountered several huge moray eels.

Last dive of the day was over to Turtle ridge. Yes more huge Hawaiian green sea turtles, small reef shark and schools of reef fish. Overall an amazing day of scuba diving shipwrecks and reefs of Oahu Hawaii.