frequently asked questions


How soon can I fly after I dive?
Divers Alert Network currently recommends waiting 18 hours after diving before you fly in commercial aircraft.

How can I make a reservation?
Simply book online, This is the best way to reserve your dive tour and to check availability! You may call us at 808-224-7857 once in Honolulu, but telephone reservations are great for the last minute dive but are first come, first served!

How far in advance should I make my reservation?
We recommend making reservations at least a few days in advance. If there are still boat seats available, we may be able to take reservations up until an hour before the listed dive times, Please call to check!

What is your cancellation policy?
We do ask out of common courtesy that you must call us at least 48 hours in advance if you decide to cancel your dive. Because we provide staffing with you in mind, we would appreciate the advance notice so that we can schedule the staff accordingly. We need to notify our instructors in advance if they are not needed.

What are the boat like, and how many people will be on it?
The Scuba Cat catamaran, is a 30 foot twin hull vessel with a 11 foot beam and twin 2013 Suzuki 150hp engines. The catamaran charter boat is fully equipped for safety and the harbor is close to the dive sites for quick trips. Some days its only two or three people but the weekends and summertime are usually busy. The USCG certified the vessel for 12 passengers, but we only bring out 6 scuba divers per charter.

Do you require a diving certification to go diving?
No, Beginners or First time scuba diving participants aged 16 and older can go on two shallow (to 40 feet) introductory Discover Scuba dives, each at a different dive site. There are no study guides or tests to worry about, we’ll teach you what you need to know with a few quick skill lessons before you enter the water, and an instructor will closely supervise your dives.

What do you recommend for Motion/Sea Sickness?
We recommend Bonine. One pill the night before and then again one pill the morning prior to diving. Everyone who has taken it so far has been super happy with the results but, (disclaimer) as with any medication please check with your doctor prior to taking as results/reaction/dosage may vary. Available at Wallmart, ABC stores in Waikiki, and others for about $5.00